Анатолий Вайнштейн — практикующий психоаналитик лакановской ориентации. Обсудили с Анатолием чем опасна кушетка, можно ли вылечить себя, читая Лакана, а также поговорили о наслаждении, диком психоанализе, вечеринках, таблетках, научности психоанализа.

Mobile applications for cats

According to wikipedia there are more than 2,9 million applications in Google Play Market now and you can notice a constant growth of it (see chart below). It comes as no surprise because, on the one hand, even small and inexperienced start-up teams or students can develop a great and popular app using existent solutions and tools. On the other hand, users like applications that make their everyday life easier, so some people search for the new ones very often.

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Today there is a tendency to underappreciate email marketing effectiveness unlike 5 years ago. I don’t want to challenge it, but I am still sure email marketing is a perfect tool for some routine tasks (personal offers, notifications etc.).  

The issue here is: what email marketing service to use? In this article I will compare two services I’m most used to work with: MadMimi and MailChimp. According to my experience I singled out a number of comparing criteria. So, let’s start.  

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